About me

Dulcibella's workshop

My artistic approach is not to represent or copy reality, I've already done so but to go beyond the perception of reality. Actually, search visual inspiration with my own sensibility, express a feeling about an event, an image, a symbol, a word ...

My workshop

Valérie working in her art workshop


I make my abstract paintings by draining or planning of color on the canvas, also with including materials ranging from sand the plaster to give volume, create forms, I also use ground natural pigments, glitters in all colors, watercolor ink, glue. Indeed all I can add to my artwork to allow it to exist. The structure of the canvas is the results partly out of my intuition and also from the various behaviors of all these materials.

« This form of expression allows spontaneous respond to the creative gesture without premeditation or preconceaved idea »


Since early 2015, I explore a new path for the creation of graphic works by using computer tools, the basic material is composed of fractals, bezier curves, colors are inspired by my usual palette components base are assembled through a computer graphics software; the result is a work UNIQUE IN LIMITED EDITION. Each of the works produced is numbered, signed, printed and sold on canvas frame supports (dimensions on request)

Acceptation …

« JI'm just I, I agree to break the image that people have of painting and action painter, to become available to explore myself and my creativity ... »

"Dulcibella" Valérie Giudicelli Delberghe